About Us

The Guild is a collection of like-minded artists who have joined together to promote art about the waterways.  As a group of artists we vary in style and medium; creating Traditional and Contemporary Artworks.

The Guild was founded during the 1980's by a group of artists who were also keen and knowledgeable waterway enthusiasts. Notable among them were Garth Allan, Brian Collings, Alan Firth and Harley Crossley. Their aim was to truthfully depict all aspects of Canals and Waterways in their art and to promote excellence in Waterway art.

We believe that to represent aspects of the waterways faithfully in art it is necessary to know and understand what we are depicting. We like our members to be interested and knowledgeable about the skills and history of the waterways.

All media are represented in the Guild, from pastel and watercolour to oils and acrylics and including photography and modern media.