Helen Harding

Helen Harding

I have always enjoyed painting both urban and rural landscapes, flowers and animals. However it was whilst working for British Waterways at Braunston, Northants,that I discovered the beauty and fascination of the canals. Intrigued by their historical background, unique way of life, contrasting rural tranquillity and harsh industrial landscapes, they inevitably became a subject for my paintings.

My love of the old working narrowboats was instrumental in developing the old Braunston Boat Show into the largest gathering of working boats in the country. I was invited to join the Guild in 1995, after leaving British Waterways when my son was born. Since moving to West Somerset, village and coastal scenes have become a regular part of my painting.

I currently work from home running a small family hobby business selling model railway wagons (www.wessexwagons.co.uk), and painting whenever time permits. Dinghy Sailing is now a big part of my life and consequently has encouraged me to tackle seascapes although narrowboats still feature in a large number of my paintings.

It is the atmosphere of a view which I find most fascinating to paint - trying to capture the feel of the place, a cool dark tunnel, the quiet of the night, a wild sea, the beauty of a sunset and put it on canvas in a realistic way so that you can almost feel a part of the scene.

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